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Gavin Victor – Director of Administration 

Know the Market before it Moves

Receive expert analysis of the crypto market before major moves occur. Know how and why the market is behaving the way it is to assist informed decisions.


Marius Landman – Chief Analyst and Trader

Market Leader

Follow the strategy of an experienced trader/analyst who has achieved over 500% return to date  in 2018 whilst in a Bear Market and achieved close to an incredible 7000% during 2017.

Enakirehi Ejovwoke – Director of Marketing

Be Informed at All Times

Receive exclusive, detailed reports and daily updates on the Cryptocurrency Market from an experienced trader and his team of analysts.

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Why customers choose us?

Profits are important, with Python Signals you will realise real profits and build your Portfolio.

  • Starting from a Silver Subscriber Pack, for just $50, includes the Top 40 Cyptocurrencies of the 2018 Report and our Model Portfolio we trade on.
  • Subscribe to our reports on a monthly basis and take part in our affiliate program which will enable you to grow your own portfolio whilst making a lucrative income.
  • Various pricing options are available on receiving our reports.

How we Trade the Top 40 Cryptos:

  • Technical, Methodological Analysis, Advanced Algorithm Artificial Intelligence (weight 42%)
  • Proprietary and Conventional Behaviour Standards (11%)
  • Market Conditions (weight 7%)
  • Market Cap (weight 7%)
  • Marketing Capability (weight 6%)
  • Market Sentimentality (weight 9%)
  • Social Media Status and Reporting (weight 5%)
  • NEW – Induced Operational Manipulation (4%)
  • Undisclosed (9%)​


Outstanding Results of our Strategy:

  • Called HIGH 16 December 2017 at $19.5K 3 weeks in advance.
  • Called LOW 21 December 2017 and told subscribers to BUY at $12,400.
  • Called HIGH 5 January 2018 and told subscribers to SELL at $16,800.
  • Called LOW 5 February 2018 and told subscribers to BUY at $6,000.
  • Called HIGH 19 February 2018 and told subscribers to SELL at $11,700.
  • Called LOW 29 March 2018 Bitcoin $6,500 told subscribers to BUY.
  • Called HIGH 6 May 2018 Bitcoin $9,900 told subscribers to SELL.
  • Called LOW in our 27 June Report to our subscribers for early WARNING to buy at $5,800.
  • Called HIGH in our report of 31 July 2018 and recommended members to SELL at $8,400


We work for the little guy in the market.


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How our Passive Income System can Benefit you:

Silver Subscriber Pack $50 – payable monthly, 1 month full subscription to Python Signals Reports and Model Portfolio Trades. Direct Referral Bonus and earnings till Level 6 on the Matrix.

Gold Subscriber Pack $150 – payable quarterly, 3 months full subscription to Python Signals Reports and Model Portfolio Trades. Direct Referral Bonus and earnings till Level 9 on the Matrix.

Platinum Subscriber Pack $250 – payable half yearly, 6 months full subscription to Python Signals Reports and Model Portfolio Trades. Direct Referral Bonus and earnings till Level 12 on the Matrix.

Galaxy Subscriber Pack $500 – payable annually,  12 months full subscription to Python Signals Reports and Model Portfolio Trades plus a Bonus 3 Months at zero charge thanks to the Holiday Promo Gift from Marius Landman. Direct Referral Bonus and earnings till Level 18 on the Matrix.


The Lifetime Galaxy Subscriber Pack $1,000


Payable once off, full subscription to Python Signals Reports and Trading Portfolio PLUS Private Telegram Group with our Trader/Analyst and an updated Model Portfolio sheet of all trades.  

Earnings till Level 18 on the Matrix.

PLUS 15% Direct Referral Bonus Commissions instead of the normal 10% Bonus

All subscriptions are payable in Bitcoin.




Level 1 – 5%

Level 2 – 4%

Level 3 – 3%

Level 4 – 5%

Level 5 – 4%

Level 6 – 3%

Level 7 – 5%

Level 8 – 4%

Level 9 – 3%

Level 10 – 5%

Level 11 – 4%

Level 12 – 3%

Level 13 – 5%

Level 14 – 4%

Level 15 – 3%

Level 16 – 2%

Level 17 – 2%

Level 18 – 1,5%

Python Signals Affiliate Program Guidelines

1. The affiliate earnings program is based on a 2 x 18 Forced Matrix

2. You do not have to refer any new subscribers to earn on members within your Matrix

3. You need to stay active with a subscription to earn any commissions

4. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50.00

5. Withdrawals can be done from Monday – Friday

6. Payments will be affected within 24 hours of withdrawal request

7. Once you have an affiliate within your Matrix that affiliate can never be moved

8. If you upgrade from Gold to Galaxy you will have to pay the full $500 to upgrade or from any lower subscription to a higher subscription you have to pay the full new


9. Galaxy Subscribers and Lifetime Galaxy Subscribers earn on the Full Matrix

10. All commissions are paid in Bitcoin, make sure you have entered a valid Wallet address in your profile


Legal disclaimer: Information on this website and in Python Signals reports are of expert opinion of our analyst team, based on data available at the point in time the reports or updates are made. These opinions are not recommendations to buy or sell securities/commodities (and/or currencies). Trading and investing is a risk and you should not rely on this data solely to make any financial decisions. You should consult a financial advisory licensed by regulatory agencies in your legal jurisdiction. Our analysts are not financial advisors nor Registered Securities Advisors although they make their reports available to major institutions who follow these leads. The intent of this website and documents/reports is to pass on research and data compiled for information purposes by the systems in place help educate the community on the behaviour of the Crypto Markets. Do your own due diligence and research when making any kind of a transaction with financial implications.